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Standardising cloud-native bioinformatics pipelines: nf-core meets CloudOS

The democratisation of Next Generation Sequencing technologies has made omics data more available than ever before. Bioinformaticians are now confronted with tackling the NGS data deluge in order to deliver actionable insights. Transforming raw data into impactful insights requires bioinformaticians to process omics data with bioinformatics pipelines. To date, however, no validated standards have been widely established by the bioinformatics community. 

UX/UI designer insights for creating a user-friendly AI-based gut microbiome analysis platform

Over the past few months, Lifebit has had an unparalleled opportunity to experiment and validate our ideas over one of the most innovative projects. In Summer 2018 Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, announced the Design Foundation funding competition, investing up to £1 million to fund early-stage, human-centred research and design projects. The aim of this competition was...