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How to analyse genomics data without bioinformatics skills using a genome browser

The advent and refinement of visualisation tools has allowed scientists of all programming levels to unearth the valuable insights that lie in these complex file types, which can consist of thousands to billions of data points. One such tool is the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV), a high-performance visualisation tool for the interactive exploration of large genomic files.

Filling in the blanks for direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies: delivering industry’s fastest & most scalable imputation method

The commoditised genotyping array market has generated increased interest with various large direct-to-consumer (DTC) genotyping companies in the market, including 23andme, AncestryDNA, DNAFit and MyHeritage. Contrary to whole genome sequencing, genotyping arrays are cheaper and provide the economy of scale for mass adoption at a consumer level.