Author: Claire-Alix Zapata Garin, PhD

Scientific and Technical Content Manager @Lifebitai

Recap of PopGen:Live – Behind-the-scenes of Genomics England’s revolutionary new Research Environment

National initiatives and biobanks have been driving the genomics transformation for years – however these efforts have been fraught with major challenges as biomedical data grows exponentially, including usability, commercial and security challenges. However, the greatest challenge faced by these initiatives is the fact that data is becoming more siloed and distributed than ever before.   Lifebit has launched a new...

The Art of Collaboration: transparency & data sharing in research

Just a quick glance at Dr. Benjamin Haibe-Kains’ Google Scholar profile can be mind-boggling: the sheer quantity of publications and the variety of different international collaborators is really impressive for researcher this early in the game. Let’s delve into his secrets for establishing multidisciplinary collaborations while at the same time understanding how he assures reproducibility of his work.