The Art of Collaboration: How Dr. Benjamin Haibe-Kains pushes for transparency & data sharing in research

Just a quick glance at Dr. Benjamin Haibe-Kains’ Google Scholar profile can be mind-boggling: the sheer quantity of publications and the variety of different international collaborators is really impressive for researcher this early in the game. Let’s delve into his secrets for establishing multidisciplinary collaborations while at the same time understanding how he assures reproducibility of his work.

The London Bioinformatics Frontiers Conference is coming!

The Francis Crick Institute & Lifebit are co-hosting the London Bioinformatics Frontiers Conference on June 17th & 18th. We’re excited to round up the best of the best in terms of speakers covering a variety of topics, including how to standardise and scale analysis using Nextflow, Containers & Cloud.

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