Webinar: Re-analyse RNA-Seq public data from SRA

In this 45 minute webinar, Lifebit co-founder and Chief Technological Officer, Dr. Pablo Prieto, explains the fundamentals of re-analysing RNA-Seq public data from Sequence Read Archive (SRA) and discusses some common questions and issues that arise from these analyses. Learn how to use Lifebit’s Deploit platform to:

  1. Read count with STAR and R
  2. Perform differential gene expression analysis with Kallisto and Sleuth

Useful links with information covered during the webinar:

  • Link to register to Lifebit and try pipelines with example parameters
  • Link to RNA-Seq Kallisto pipeline public code in Github
  • Link to RNA-Seq Star pipeline public code in Github
  • Link to study used in SRA
  • Link to study used in GEO
  • Link to Jupyter notebooks: coming soon

Aired November 23rd, 2018. 

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